OSP IHM Timeline

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1963 "Our thoughts of union of our three congregations were first expressed in a letter to our three superiors general, Mother Anna Maria, Mother Maria Pacis, and Mother Beata, on November 9, 1963. The responses were prompt and indicated enthusiasm for the idea. Strangely enough they bore the same date, November 14, 1963." - Sr. M. Felicitas (Scranton)
  1964 The process of organization began when the first meeting of the planning group, two members from each congregation, met at Atlantic City on April 3 and 4, 1964, following the NCEA convention.
First meeting at Our Lady of Grace, Manhasset 1964 The first meeting of the executive council with the planning board was held on August 26 and 27, 1964, at our Lady of Grace, Manhasset, NY.
IHM Education Conference at Marywood 1965 The Immaculate Heart of Mary Education Conference
First Biennial Institute - August 19-21 at Marywood, Scranton, PA
Program - "The Sister in the School of Tomorrow."
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IHM Educuation Conference at Monroe


Second Biennial Institute - IHM Education Conference at Monroe
Photo of Mother Beata, Mother Maria Pacis, Mother Benedicta, Sr. Mary of Lourdes
Program - The Past is Prologue to Today's Meaning
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IHM Education Conference at Immaculata 1970

Third Biennial Institute of the IHM Education Conference at Immaculata, PA. August 18-21, 1970
Program - The IHMs in a Decade of Promise
Picture of Sr. Margaret Brennan (M), Sr. Mary of Lourdes (P), Cardinal Krol, Mother Claudia (P), Mother Beata (S)

IHM Education Conference at Scranton 1972 Fourth Biennial Institute of the IHM Education Conference at Scranton. August 16-18, 1972
Program - Valuing in Educaiton in panel sessions
Superiors General pictured: Mother M. Beata Wertz (S), Mother M. Claudia Honesberger (I), Mother Margaret Brennan (M). Executive Council Photo
Tri-Community Task Force 1974 IHM Education Conference at Monroe postponed until 1976. Memo to IHM Sisters states two reasons: energy crisis and conference seeking new directions.
Tri-Community Task Force shown in photo.
IHM Education Conference in Philadelphia 1976 IHM Education Conference to be held in Philadelphia in conjunction with the International Eucharistic Conference, August 1, 1976, St. Peter's Church and Shrine of St. John Neumann.
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Meeting in Scranton 1980 1980 IHMs Discuss Pooling Efforts at Meeting Held at Marywood, Scranton. Representatives of the three branches met in Scranton on May 10th to plan cooperative activities in celebration of the "Year of the Family."
Tri-IHM Conference at Marywood 1985 Tri-IHM Conference Assembly held at Marywood, Scranton
Program - A Lasting Apostleship-from Immigrant to Global Church
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Sesquicentennial Assembly in Monroe 1995

Tri-IHM Sesquicentennial Assembly, Monroe, Michigan.

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Haiti Outreach Project 1995-1996

Tri-IHM Haiti Outreach Project
Delegations to Haiti: Immaculata, Monroe, Scranton
Tri-IHM Haiti Commitment

Oblate/Tri-IHM Haiti Outreach Project

Healing Racism Retreat 2003 Tri-IHM/Oblate Healing Racism Retreat. June 28 - July 3, 2003.
Liturgical Celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Founding of the Oblate Sisters of Providence
PlanningCommittee03-2005 2004 Oblate/Tri-IHM Planning Committee for the 2005 Committee
January 30-February 1, 2004 at Villa Maria House of Studies.
OSPIHM Gattering at Immaculata 2005

OSP IHM Gathering at Immaculata, PA

Fresh Eyes was a dramatization of a conversation in heaven between Mary Lange and Theresa Maxis.

2008 Board of Directors 2008

OSP IHM Board of Directors

The OSP IHM Board of Directors meets yearly at one of the motherhouses.

2015Logo 2015

OSP IHM Gathering in Scranton, PA, July 12-15, 2015

Marking the 170th anniversary of the IHM Congregations and the 186th anniversary of the OSP Congregation.

Sankofa2021 2020

OSP IHM Gathering in Monroe, MI

Marking the 175th anniversary of the IHM Congregations and the 191st anniversary of the OSP Congregation.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the celebration was held virtually July 9-11, 2021.