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OSP IHM Formation Gatherings

Blessing the Past and Fostering a Future Full of Hope

Begun by the formation directors in 2002 and endorsed by the OSP IHM Board, the formation weekend rotates venues allowing each congregation a chance to host the others on its own soil and to share its unique foundation stories, ministries and dreams for the future. The annual formation gatherings give new members an opportunity to appreciate each congregation's history and heritage and to step into each other's lives for a brief space each year. More importantly, connections initiated at these gatherings often result in ongoing relationships among new members who will carry the legacies of Mary Lange and Theresa Maxis into the future.


Participants at the 2014 formation gathering at Scranton.

2008 OSP IHM Formation Gatherings

Participants at the 2008 formation gathering at Immaculata.