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To Fool the Rain: Haiti's Poor and Their Pathway to a Better Life

by Steven Werlin,  Forward by Dr. Paul Farmer

Ti Kozi Press 2016

E version available, paperback $17 on Amazon


To Fool the Rain by Steven Werlin is an in-depth look at how Fonkoze’s program Chemin Lavi Miyo (CLM or Path to a Better Life) works.  It follows 18 women, case managers and local community members in an easy-to-read ethnographic study of the extremely poor in rural Haiti. A professor from Chicago’s Shimer College, Steven Werlin, familiar with Haiti through many volunteer contacts, became a regional director when the program quickly expanded with a grant to enroll 1,000 new families.

To recruit participants, teams (regional & case managers) approach a neighborhood, look for local leaders, and determine who that community identifies as its poorest inhabitants (no land, no animals). For some illiteracy coexists with poor self-concept and inertia, many of the participants have been restavecs (child slaves).  Only half of those invited will agree to enter the program but of these 95% will graduate. 

Much of the central plateau where Werlin works is very remote, approached with motor bikes and demanding miles of hiking on footpaths over mountains sometimes with 6 foot grasses that obscure surroundings.  Case managers will visit 50 families weekly coaching and motivating, inquiring about family and livestock health, cholera prevention practices, and finances (each family having received a grant, not a loan, of funds).  By graduation participants will have two sources of income, a house with a cement floor and a tin roof, a plan for the future and children will eat daily.

Besides providing grass roots reporting on how CLM functions, Werlin praises his co-workers, most of whom have risen from poverty themselves, for their dedication to their clients despite the hardships of their jobs. “To fool the rain” refers to a Haitian proverb that one can hide from the sun in the shade, but can’t escape the rain without a roof. As readers meet the women whose stories make the program clear, they will realize impact of their contributions for the families of Haiti.


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