Statement Against Racism

As the OSP IHM Board of Directors, representing more than 2,000 Catholic women religious, the Oblate Sisters of Providence (Baltimore, MD) and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Monroe, MI, Immaculata and Scranton, PA), we condemn the sin of racism and stand in opposition to the ongoing existence of this evil.

Our four congregations own and admit openly that the dynamics of racism influenced our beginnings and impacted the unfolding of our four histories. Racism led to barriers of separation among us for over a century. Now, in the graced process of reconnecting our journeys, we fully embrace the dignity of each human person as revealed by the mystery of the incarnation.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to the work of undoing racism. By participating in the process of creating right relationships, healing and reconciliation, we are determined to eradicate racism within ourselves, our congregations, our church, and our global community.

-OSP IHM Board of Directors

Mary Elizabeth Lange, OSP

Theresa Maxis Duchemin, IHM